A grim shadow creeps over Lastwall… one that threatens the whole of the Heartlands. We know not its source or its purpose yet and we need your help in finding answers to these most important and urgent of questions.

- Elaith, agent of Lastwall and emissary of the Preceptor of Faith

Legacies of the Whispering Tyrant is a game set in a region Avistan known as the Heartlands, which encompasses the realms of Lastwall, Nirmathas, the Hold of Belkzen and the other lands surrounding Lake Encarthan.

While many things remain the same between my homebrew version of Golarion and the original campaign setting, there are also a number of differences. Some of these are quite small, however I have also made a few major changes that can be reviewed here (this is a work in progress).

Legacies of the Whispering Tyrant

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