An old gnome, obsessed with his own health and the most unwilling of adventurers


White hair, crazy eyes, and a general neurotic personality. Gaardin always wears his winter clothing, and the thickest gloves he could convince the local leatherworker to piece together. A summoned eidolon is the one thing shielding Gaardin from the outside world, and it seems to keep him just out of reach of the panic attacks and cerebral meltdown that most certainly would surface if Gaardin were forced to face the dangerous and disease-ridden world alone.


Gaardin is old and decrepit. He spent most of his life holed up in the basement of libraries, avoiding dangerous situations (like touching a dead body) and unclean animals and magical creatures (like say, cats). Until that is, he stumbled upon a book detailing the gnomish disease known as “the bleaching.” Apparently gnomes without vigor, experience, and daily excitement can become sickly and pale, eventually completely fading into non-existence. This was the worst news Gaardin ever stumbled upon.

Gaardin took what summoning magic he had learned (mostly the summoning of lesser planar beings to fetch him food and purify his surroundings) and left his quiet, comfortable library, quivering in fear.


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