Watchful Border Kingdom

Capital: Vigil
Notable Settlements: Castle Firrine, Vellumis
Ruler: Watcher-Lord Ulthun II, Bearer of the Shattered Shield of Arnisant
Common Languages: Common, Varisian
Religions: Iomedae, Gorum, Erastil

Despite living in the shadow of great evils, the people of Lastwall are mostly warm and friendly to outsiders, especially those who have come to help hold the line. In recent years however, the number of knights-errant and holy warriors visiting Lastwall has diminished, due in large part to the call to arms in Mendev against the teeming demonic hordes demons that infest the Worldwound.

Concern grew in Vigil that they may not have the strength to hold off the constant threat of the savage orcs and giants of Belkzen for much longer if the trend continued, or much less contain the undead monstrosities that still lurk in Ustalav. With the recent resurgence of the orcs in the Hold of Belkzen under the rule of Kazgaroth, its seems those fears have been realized.

The current Watcher-Lord, Tiras Ulthun II, is a young man who once held great ambitions to secure and expand Lastwall’s borders, however now that several outlying fortresses used by Lastwall to guard their borders have fallen to the orcs, the country has marshaled all of its available forces to retake the lost ground and push back the armies of Kazgaroth.

The Founding of Lastwall

Nearly a thousand years ago, Taldor launched the Shining Crusade against the ever growing forces of darkness that gathered under the banner of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant. For five centuries the debased wizard-king had ruled much of central Avistan, unifying the savage tribes of Belkzen before claiming the lands that now comprise Belkzen, Ustalav, and Nirmathas as his doom-shrouded domain.

From all over Avistan came warriors eager to stem the tide of madness in the north and who dedicated themselves to defeating and destroying Tar-Baphon. This alliance between the dwarven kingdom of Kraggodan, the Knights of Ozem, and the forces of Taldor became known as the Shining Crusade.

The Shining Crusade’s first major victory came in 3801 AR after they reclaimed the Ustalavan town of Vellumis. Over the next 26 years crusaders slowly hacked their way to Gallowspire until in the final battle Tar-Baphon was defeated and imprisoned beneath his own towering fortress at the evil corrupt heart.

Once the Shining Crusade officially came to an end in 3828, Taldor maintained control over Vellumis and also founded Vigil, then an imperial province, creating a permanent presence in the region to keep an eye on the ruins of Gallowspire and the haunted lands of Virlych. They named the province Lastwall, intending it to be the final bulwark against one of the greatest evils mankind had ever known.

When Cheliax broke with Taldor, Lastwall declared neutrality in the conflict citing the need to maintain its sacred duty free from political concerns. Though Cheliax quickly agreed, Taldor protested the move, however the crippled empire had little power to take action against the far off province. This act officially severed all ties with foreign powers making Lastwall an independent nation and for the last 700 years Lastwall has ruled itself through a near continuous line of Watcher-Lords, stretching all the way back to General Arnisant himself.

The Vigilant Crusaders of Lastwall


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