Capital: Tamran
Notable Settlements: Kassen, Skelt
Ruler: High Marshal Gavrik
Common Languages: Common, Varisian
Religions: Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Gorum, Desna, Iomedae

Even before the recent attack and destruction of Tamran, the capital city, the people of Nirmathas were in search of a national identity. It proved to be a search persistently frustrated by the nearly perpetual wars waged to defend themselves from their southern neighbor.

Up until recently something of a tense cease-fire had existed between the two nations, however that ended with a sudden and furious assault on the capital city and occupation of much of the country by Molthune’s army. No one yet knows how the imperial army was able to secretly and without warning launch such a a swift strike against Tamran, but the city is now nothing more than smoldering ruins.

Rumors spreading through the region suggesting that the Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas has been overthrown by several of the General Lords adds further mystery to the attack as well.

The Founding of Nirmathas
The origins of Nirmathas date back to the years of turmoil following the collapse of Cheliax, when Molthune’s governor claimed the southern reach of the Fangwood as part of his newly independent nation. The soldiers from the regional capital at Canorate ensured peace and stability, but their rule soon came to be resented by the locals as agents of oppression in the port city of Tamran and the rangers of the Fangwood.

For years, Cheliax had stripped the region of resources while providing little in return. When new mandates from Canorate simply changed the flow of exploitation from one city to another, the promise of a new era collapsed. What started as a few minor acts of political rebellion soon blossomed into a war for independence.

The early years of the conflict were bloody and disorganized, with bands of rangers, woodsmen and other irregular troops acting independently. All of this changed when a ranger named Irgal Nirmath united a handful of these groups into a single force. As his victories mounted he drew more rebels to his banner and his legend spread throughout the north and even the commanders of the Molthune’s imperial forces began to respect the cunning and might of Irgal Nirmath.

After 7 years of war, an uneasy border emerged and the rebels led by Nirmath declared their freedom from Molthune, though Irgal had precious little time to enjoy his victory as he fell to an assassin’s blade in 4657 AR. With no true central government, the nation stood on unsteady ground.

Shortly after the assassination the leaders of Tamran, the forest town of Skelt, and the rangers of the Chernasardo gathered together. They quickly chose to name the fledgling nation Nirmathas in honor of their fallen champion. Their second act was to select a new High Marshal to lead not only the military, but also the country as a whole. That system has remained in place ever since with a council of elders selecting a new High Marshal every 4 years.

The current High Marshal, Weslen Gavrik, hails from the capital city of Tamran, a city sacked several times since the founding of Nirmathas. High Marshal Gavirk is well-known for his deep-seated distrust of Molthune and a strong compassion for the victims of that nation’s aggression, feelings he holds even more passionately to now. Now that Tamran lies in ruins, it is rumored he directs his forces from somewhere within the southern reaches of the Fangwood as he prepares for a counter-strike against Molthune.

The people of Nirmathas are a fiercely independent folk, consisting primarily of woodsmen, artisans, and trappers. With the nation’s entire economy based on the bounties of the Fangwood, the Nirmathi treat the forest as a sort of sacred ground that must be held at all costs. They are on good terms with the folk of Lastwall, with whom they share the wood’s northern reach, and the people of Varisia far to the west. A passage recently reopened through Bloodsworn Vale has given Nirmathas an independent trade partner on the western side of the Mindspin Mountains, a vital link to finished goods and weapons.

A Ranger of the Fangwood

Nirmathi ranger of the chernasado


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