Legacies of the Whispering Tyrant


The group defeated Kazgaroth.

And there was much rejoicing.

From Kazgaroth’s body emerged some crazy huge demon who laughed and disappeared. The party would have totally defeated him had he stayed and fought.


The group made its way closer to Kasgaroth, and encountered him in his throne room.

2-6-14 Session
Arriving at Urgir

The group made its way into Urgir for the first time after resting in a Dire Badger-dug cave. Disguised as orcs (Snuh was not disguised), they made their way to the Split Elf, a hole-in-the-wall grog house in a rough neighborhood. They paid the Ettin barkeep well to remain undisturbed. Some left the Split Elf to find the market, and ran into some future-divining trolls. Gaardin, descending further into neurotic madness, began summoning minor devils in secret to collect information about Kasgoroth and the city of Urgir. A failed confrontation with what the group assumed to be Kasgoroth led to more planning. After resolving to seek a second audience with the orc cheiftain, the group slept at the Split Elf and was awoken in the night by three shadowy Soul Eaters. They were easily dispatched, but were reminiscent of the troll diviner’s warning to Crennin that his “soul is in danger.”

1-9-14 Session

The party made their way towards Urgir, and were attacked by a huge Red Dragon. Snuh was almost carried away alive, but the dragon fled after nearly defeating the group.

1/2/14 Session

The party emerged from the keep (where we freed Elaith – the silver dragon), spent the day in Vigil healing and getting to know Crennin, then made off for Urgir. Attacks from some random swamp creatures (plant monsters and will-o’-wisps) were easily foiled. Plans to enter the city of Urgir were begun.

12-12-13 session

We killed whatever demon angel was in the Hill Giant keep despite her attempts to shoot us with fire arrows and frighten us away. We spent some time looting and searching, and uncovered some sinister contracts between some nefarious characters. Also, we’ve discovered a hidden prison within the keep, which housed aasimar and… a yet-to-be-conscious dragon.

11-7-13 Session
Entering the Keep

We used Atticus’ tree teleportation to return briefly to Vellumis in Lastwall for rest. We returned to what we originally thought was a Hill Giant fortress to find more demons. An unknown assailant summoned two demons, and in the entryway to the keep we discovered two fire-breathing, otherworldly wolves.

Roki stayed in Vellumis to complete tasks for his order; Darhoken was slain in his sleep by some sort of evil fallen angel as retribution for perhaps the efreet we killed outside the keep (who was disguised as a fire giant I think?)

Our current plan is to continue clearing out this fortress, perhaps find some survivors from lastwall, and secure the keep so that we can eventually make it our own.


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